G&B Ropes Dockline is among the finest anywhere.  Manufactured with a unique combination of modern technology and time-honored tradition. Starting with only the finest grade of raw materials, high quality rope is engineered to have built-in elasticity for controlled shock absorption, greatly reducing hardware fatigue.  The rope is then braided on computerized CNC braiding machinery using G&B’s RADIAL construction process.  This process has proven to provide stronger, longer-lasting line than any other method.


The rope then moves onto G&B riggers, where each dockline is hand-spliced using the strongest method known to rope makers.  The professionally tapered splice is then hand whipped at the bitter end with waxed whipping twine.  Finally, the whipping is sewn in (again, by hand) to prevent your line from fraying.


Docklines are manufactured using G&B’s proprietary ANKERLENE® fiber, which in addition to having the same high strength as nylon dockline, is also shrink resistant.  The use of this new fiber provides a longer-lasting line with higher abrasion resistance for longer life!

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