Core Technology

G&B Ropes is the first major rope manufacture to offer filament coated cores on double braided lines and single braids.

The filament coating process allows for a more uniform line by coating the individual yarns making up the line.  By creating a uniform line, yarn on yarn abrasion is reduced, bend fatigue is reduced, and UV resistance is increased.

G&B Ropes is making a longer lasting, better rope; at the filament level.


AR99 is DSM Dyneema®SK99 single braid that is coated with a protective finish prior to braiding.  SK99 is designed for the ultimate performance racer.  Up to 20% stronger than SK78, it offers excellent creep resistance and unmatched strength to weight ratio.


AR78 is DSM Dyneema® SK78 single braid that is coated with a protective finish prior to braiding.

SK78 is a high strength and minimal creep fiber that offers no water uptake.  SK78 offers a better strength and creep option compared to SK75. It is a great option when looking for a light weight line that exhibits a great strength to weight ratio and is considered the industry standard in performance line.


Coated at the filament level, ARV has the best creep performance and good resistance to heat compared to Dynemma®.  Vectran™ is a great option where high loads are carried for long periods of time and UV exposure can be minimized.

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