Over the past few decades the rope industry has seen many changes.  Raw material quality, design technology, and production methods have evolved light years.  Through it all, one thing has remained constant: Our commitment to quality.

From dinghies to destroyers, G&B manufactures ropes of uncompromising quality for every application.  G&B Ropes are a unique weave of modern engineering and time honored tradition.  Our products are the result of years of experience in the lab, at the braiders, and perhaps more importantly, on the water.   At G&B Ropes we realize that the best rope in the world isn’t worth it if you can’t get your hands on it when you need it.

That’s why G&B is committed to not only producing ropes of uncompromising quality, but also to being your #1 rope source.  That means high quality rope, on time, every time…when you need it.


Friction Coefficient

Reduction of the Coefficient of Friction leads to better yarn-on-yarn abrasion properties of the fiber or rope yarn.  This will significantly improve the lifetime of a rope when internal abrasion or bending fatigue is the...

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Tensile Strength

Rope efficiencies increase up to 20% by heat setting of rope yarns based on high performance fibers like Dyneema, Vectran, or Technora.

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UV Resistance

UV resistance of Vectran® can be increased by 4x by applying FYSCTM technology.  This significantly extends the lifetime of your rope.

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Multicolor Rope

Applying different colored high performance fibers in a single rope does not only make for good aesthetics; they also have a functional use.  It helps to easily identify torque in a rope, which causes a...

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